Scripts & Downloads

The plugins and scripts on this page are collected from forums and sites serving the 3DS Max communities. They are from sites linked here and other sources not listed.

TurnaroundCam maxscript by James Haywood - an automated turntable camera with lights

Face Maker maxscript - a generic human head with slider adjustments

Outliner 2.15.mxp - (rt-clk and Save Link As to download) maxscipt outliner utility. See Description.

Garp's Fracture VORONOI - breaks geometry into pieces, for use in breakage simulations

Fracture VORONI (modified) - Louis Marcoux's modification to Fracture script above.

Project Pinocchio template & workflow for 3ds Max 2013 -- largest current collection of plugins for 3ds max 2013 and earlier. Try Greeble, Toy Train Forest Lite, and the Blur Beta plugins. -- a major repository of 3ds max scripts, including news and resources from the community.









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