Services offeres training, consulting and production, as well as original works of fine art.The former convers the area of image generation and processing, animation and motion graphics, 3D art and animation for games and broadcast, as well as web design services. The artworks are by Jeffrey Abouaf, and are available from the collection or as commissions.

Education, Training, Instruction

Whether at a college, at a production site, or privately, goal-specific traning is offered on an as-needed basis. This can be limited to the needs of a specific project, or to train new interns, employees, or students.

The training makes use of recent main-stream hardware and software


Consulting, Production

Artistic consulting and production services are available on a contract basis. In the past this has involved working with senior staff to evaluate and map out design and implementation, to work as part of a production team, and to assist team members with their tasks.


Artworks: commission, exhibition & sale

Artworks are available for exhibition and sale. Commissions may be arranged subject to availability and scheduling. All pieces are prepared and mounted as requested at time of delivery

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