This fine arts portfolio is comprised of still and moving content created with 2D, 3D and so-called 2.5D digital tools. The paintings, animations and motion graphics build on abstract works created in natural media. The photography covers a range of subjects, and may or may not be post-processed, depending on what it represents



My formal background in paitning/drawing in traditional media proved essential to my work in new media. New tools build and extend our capabilities, but at the end of the day, these are tools, but inspiration and execution build on threads from the many who came before.



They say an image cannot be much more than the source photo. Yes, so true. But in the end, a camera is a machine in service of an experience, vision or an inspiration. We should not limit outselves when our reach is greater than out tools.

These photographs range across many places, interests, and ideas.


3D Art for Games and Instruction

Video games and entertainment are the most accessable and generate the most revenue supporting adventures into immersive virtual reality. Among high school age males, to work in this industry is the second most desireable career choice, right behind professional athelte. The experience in today's video games is as much from story, look, and feel asit is from action.

Making and teaching artists the latest skills to make efficient, engaging models and artwork for games is a favorite game in itself.


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